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Okay, that's all.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Death is at your doorstep, and it will steal your innocence, but it will not steal your substance."

Timshel//Mumford and Sons

Just a short post to show you all something:

This was my Photoshop attempt at dying my hair turquoise. I was desperate to do it in real life, but my father said it would look "crap". Ah well, I'm sure I'll survive somehow. He did say I could get snakebites next year ^___^

This is the purple version :3 Looks a bit more convincing, I think.

- Emma

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"I am going away for a while, but I'll be back, don't try and follow me."

Misguided Ghosts//Paramore

I know what you're thinking: Two posts in one day? Insane, I know. I'd just like to inform everyone that I am not depressed in any way. Due to my previous post, it may seem like I am overly emotional...and though I'm not feeling happy, exactly, I'm feeling a bit better than before.

I ended up going to Laura's house this afternoon, and she always cheers me up. It's like when I'm around her, I can't help but to smile, you know?
I firmly believe that everyone has at least one thing that makes them happy. It could be an item of clothing, that when you put on you have an instant confidence boost. Or maybe a song, that makes you forget the world and instead, pushes you into a rhythmic sway (or a crazy blur of movement, depending on how optimistic the song makes you feel). Mine is a person, I think. Laura can always put a grin on my face, no matter how down I feel.

So, it took me until one-thirty this afternoon to realize that I hadn't eaten anything all day, and how hungry I was. My brain has been buzzing around, like it's on a sugar hype. It seriously won't shut down. I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight. I have always considered insomnia rather poetic, not being able to sleep, but now that I'm suffering from a case, it is the furthest thing. All I really want to do is sleep, and my stupid head won't let me do that.

So, Jhi is over tonight (have I mentioned Jhi before? He's been one of my best friends since we were born, pretty much. Out parents were all buddies in high school). Anyway, he asked me if I was okay this afternoon, to which I replied that I was fine, just fussed about silly teenage girl stuff. He looked as though he felt rather awkward after that, haha.

I think I may just try and stay awake tonight. That way, my body being my body, I will fall asleep easily. Wish me luck lovelies, I don't want to be snapping at everyone tomorrow :/

- Emma

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Darkness is a harsh term, don't you think? Yet it dominates the things I see."

Roll Away Your Stone//Mumford and Sons

I'm going to attempt an actual post now, how does that sound?

Alright, so my life has been very up and down lately. If you're my friend on facebook, you'll see that my status changes every few minutes with things such as, 'Everything is amazing! ♥' to, 'Hate my life.'
As you can imagine, my friends are constantly asking me if I'm okay, and I can only tell a select few of them the truth.

I do not think I am okay.

I'll survive, of course, and tomorrow I'll probably be on a high again, but for the moment I am not feeling at all great. It's stupid to be so upset over a guy that I hardly know. Stupid, stupid Emma. Sorry, you're not going to get a follow-up of that.

WHY AM I APOLOGIZING? It's my blog. I hardly know any of you reading right now, I don't have to tell you anything!

I'm fighting a little war in my head right now. I keep arguing with myself out loud. My family thinks I'm going insane. I think it's entirely possible that I am.

- Emma

PS. To the certain attractive boy who enjoys playing scrabble: You will probably never read this, but here it goes: Your glasses are lovely, please don't be embarrassed to wear them. I'm sorry that I always freeze up whenever I try to talk to you, but do you see the adoration in my eyes? Because it's there. You are wonderful as you are, please know that.